Battlestar Galactica The Complete Series series - An Overview

Akatsuki Fundraising by Tigers and Dragons testimonials Simply because accumulating tailed beasts and sealing them in a sizable statue for a few mad person bent on planet domination will not be a lucrative business plan. Drabble Fics.

That's It? by Sarah1281 critiques Madara tracks down Naruto discover The solution to a vital concern: Just how is he so persuasive? Initially reluctant, Naruto agrees if Madara describes his own powers of persuasion. Obviously, the explanations just make them more perplexed.

Dear sixteen calendar year previous me, by MischiefManaged007 testimonials Harry Potter people compose letters of recommendation for their sixteen year old selves.

An Experiment in Intoxication by Lucillia opinions A story about naruto having drunk, though I acquired drunker and drunker. Warning: Do not tryi thhis at hom e Until you are of authorized consuming age.

Branches by To Mockingbird assessments Kakashi falls off a tree and lands in a unique planet. Practically. Now he is inside a dimension where by very little is sensible—but he is used to that. Kakashi designs to wreak just as much havoc as he can and locate his way home . . . if he can.

2nd Life by LostKey testimonials Team seven are the only real folks remaining after a grueling war in opposition to Akatsuki. With their village destroyed, they don't have anything remaining but one another. So they utilize a Jutsu to consider them back here to whenever they ended up 11 a long time aged to vary every thing.

Coping by SwampTreader evaluations She were hurt a great number of periods, but never experienced she anticipated this.

Lovefools Element one by Draquia opinions A technicality inside a would like leaves Android Seventeen inside a coma, and the sole one that can conserve him remains a shaky ally.

Karin The Librarians dvd set 4 and the Other Uzumaki by Lucillia testimonials When Karin attempts to get more info call a particular another person out for working with a certain household name shortly ahead of the start of the main section on the Chunin Examinations, she will get a little a shock, as we all know that he's the true issue.

A Soldier's Trials by Revriley reviews Suki was only able to rescue Toph throughout the struggle of Sozin's Comet. Sokka, who managed to survive the airship's crash landing with various injuries , will have to locate his way again to his pals through the war-torn countryside.

They wish to do WHAT? by Crosis Laurekal opinions There comes a time in each younger teenager's lifestyle when a certain desire begins to dominate their views. It can be inescapable, unavoidable. It will materialize. They are ready for it, but is the rest of the environment?

Sasuke's Conviction critiques Naruto could sense evil and damaging thoughts. He could truly feel the agony and anger within the hearts of Other folks. So why was he even now so selected that he could carry Sasuke back?

Tale of the Placing get more info Sunshine by PK Samurai assessments Naruto was born with hair as pink as his mom's, but by using a facial area and intellect that paralleled his father, the Fourth Hokage. Will the revolution he delivers be the globe's salvation or destruction?

Pokemon Quickies by PsychoMD reviews My quickie comedy series. Each and every chapter is a whole new brief comedy, about five web pages extensive, designed to provide you with a speedy chortle.

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